Many people have an idea that medicines have the property of healing diseases and that they have no intrinsic action of their own on our system when taken in health. But the fact is that almost every medicinal agent, when taken in health, produces its own individual symptoms. Thus, when an overdose of Arsenic is taken, the action of the drug induces vomiting and severe thirst. Or when an overdose of Opium is ingested, it leads to stupor, constipation etc.

There are certain diseases which show similar symptoms, for example, in cholera we get incessant vomiting and severe thirst, in certain diseased conditions we get coma or a state of deep unconsciousness and often constipation too.

A Homeopath seizes hold of these two things –

  • the symptoms produced by a drug on healthy man’s system
  • the various symptoms produced in course of several diseases

He intelligently fits in the two, finding out the largest number of their points of contact: and he does something more- he uses a very tiny dose of a drug.

A Homeopath, for example, face to face with a patient of cholera, will select a very small dose of arsenic, as soon as he meets with the symptoms – incessant vomiting, insatiable thirst.

The three cardinal points of homeopathy, thus are –

  • Use of medicines, the totality of whose symptoms are similar to (but not necessarily the same as) those produced by the disease in question
  • Use of a single drug at a time; and
  • Use of minimum dose.


Benefits of taking Homeopathy

Homeopathy offers a better perspective towards life, makes you feel energetic, helps you stay focused in achieving your dreams, helps you staying in control of your emotions and maintains your physical wellbeing.

Homeopathy considers mind while addressing the physical problems.

  • Homeopath especially considers the quality of symptoms and feelings which you suffer, which usually aren’t perceived by the physicians. e.g. burning, stitching pain, anxiety felt in the stomach.
  • Homeopathy works on your mind and body thus, relieving your tensions, worries and anxieties.
  • Homeopathy improves harmony in your body, your personal life and helps you grow professionally.
  • Homeopathy offers you a great alternative for psychosomatic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, ulcers, migraine etc.
  • Homeopathy improves your general resistance while improving current condition
  • In Homeopathy, very minimal doses are used with no side effects.
  • Homeopathic remedies are tested and proved on humans, not on animals.


Pharmacy and Dispensing

Drugs & Vehicles:

When we want to take iron or lime etc. as medicine, we do not directly bite out a morsel, but prepare the drug to be easily taken and assimilated. For this purpose, we mix with the drug inert substances such as sugar of milk or add alcohol to preserve its properties intact for a long period. These diluents or preserving substances are medicinally inert and are called Vehicles.

Regarding, the drugs themselves, some are soluble, others are insoluble. The original insoluble drugs are called crude drugs; the original strong alcoholic solutions of soluble drugs are called mother tinctures. Mother tinctures are indicated by symbol ɵ. These represent the full active principles of the soluble drugs and keep well for a long time, because of the alcohol used.

In Homeopathy, where one is concerned with small doses, drugs are seldom used in their crude form or in their mother tinctures. Attenuations of them are prepared and it is these attenuations or potencies that are of such tremendous value. The dry or insoluble drugs when attenuated with sugar of milk are called trituration’s or dry attenuations.

Classification of potencies:

The potencies are usually divisible into 3 groups:

Lower potencies: 1x, 3x, 3, 6

Medium potencies:  12, 18, 30

Higher potencies: 100, 200, 500 (D), 1000 (M), 1,00,000 (C.M). 5,00,000 (D.M). 10,00,000 (M.M)

How to keep Homeopathic drugs:

Drugs should be purchases from reliable pharmacies only. The drugs dispensed at www.homeopathysydney.com.au are from Homeopathic manufacturing companies like Willmar Schwabe.

They should be kept in places free from dust, sun rays, smoke, strong smells and away from camphor or its tincture.

Do not put the cork or the stopper of one phial on to another medicine phial.

How to use Homeopathic drugs:

Before taking Homeopathic medicine, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

If the medicine is dispensed in powder form, you need to take it orally and gulp in down.

If the medicine is a tincture, a drop of it can be added to a glass of water.

If the medicine are globules, you shall be guided by your Homeopath accordingly.

Do not take the medicines especially the globules which you have dropped on the floor.

Dose of Homeopathic Medicine:

It is determined by your Homeopath considering your age and condition of health.

Repetition of Doses:

It is determined by your Homeopath.

Usually in acute cases the repetition of the medicine is often as compared to chronic diseases