Jeetendra Damudre aka Jiten is the founder of HomeopathySydney. He runs his Homeopathic practice from his Homeopathy clinic based in Brookvale.

Jiten brings to you more than 12 years of his clinical experience in successfully treating patients for various Physical and Emotional diseases based on principles and philosophy of Homeopathy.  I believe in positively affecting your life by inspiring you in your personal, social and professional environments. This will help you to renew your respect for yourself and others. I also help you assist in having a new take on your values, beliefs, perceptions and inhibitions and help you recognize yourself to be a true differentiator in today’s competitive world. My approach towards healing is very simple, it can be summed into just one sentence” CESSAT EFFECTUS’ CESSAT CAUSA” which means to stop the effect, one must stop the cause.

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